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Sustainability is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.

Here at Dêti, we honour our oceans and our planet by encouraging our customers to be conscious consumers; to know what you are purchasing and the impact this has on the environment.

We believe in timeless products, designed to be worn, loved and passed down for years to come.

Who are we.

Dêti is more than luxury retail platform for sustainable and ethical goods - we offer an invitation to engage in the creation of a better world, and to make consumer choices that are in harmony with its natural blance.


Our Environmental Beliefs

We believe in climate change.

We believe in zero waste.

We believe in getting rid of toxic chemicals.

We believe in respecting our waters.

A word from our CEO and founder

Running Děti has been one of the greatest privileges of my life – it has given me passion and purpose at a time when often it’s easy to feel disenchanted with the world. However, sharing this platform with such a wonderful and engaged community fills me with hope everyday.


Děti began as a mission to change the way people consumed fashion to be more sustainable – it has grown with time to be much more that. With the evolution of the lives of the women behind Děti, we have realised the importance of conscious consumption within much more than just our clothing. People get married, have babies, buy homes, change their skincare routines, etc. and we want to provide the best in ethical items we possibly can for all of these different times of your life.


Alongside our retail offering, the editorial and community sections of Děti speak to the things that we learn about ourselves and want to share, questions raised in the Děti office, or collaborations we are proud of. The only theme that connects everything is that the themes are around the utmost sustainable options we have as a collective humanity. I hope you enjoy it all and join our journey of creating harmony with the natural world through more conscious choices.

K xx

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